Who We Serve | Restaurants & Hospitality

Stratford specializes in insuring clients in the hospitality industry. We comprehensive insurance coverage and risk management solutions for our clients.

When it comes to insuring a restaurant or business that serves food and alcohol, we take time to review your insurance policy in order to identify the coverage required for each type of business. The business location must be visited to properly review the daily/nightly operation and property specifications. It is important to understand what coverage is required; whether it is employment practices liability insurance, off-premises power failure coverage, or assault & battery coverage, our team understands what coverage gaps need to be filled to provide our clients that peace of mind. Our expansive insurance markets gives our agency the ability to save premium while providing the essential coverage needs for a variety of restaurant & hospitality businesses including:

• Diners
• Restaurants
• Bakeries
• Breweries
• Cafes
• Catering Halls
• Fast food businesses
• Franchise locations
• Hotels
• Special events businesses
• Taverns